Technology is a blessing but it is also a menace if used inadequately. Government introduced various types of drug test to facilitate rehabilitation centers and people to curtail drug addiction but with the use of technology abusers found out ways on how to cheat in test. You can easily cheat by adding detoxifying ingredient in the sample and the tester will be wondering on your efficiency.
There are still some types of test which cannot be fooled and the best example of it is hair drug test. In hair test, the test is carried on the hair which grows from the blood stimulated in the body. Therefore no shampoo or conditioner can act as a detoxifying agent and shampoos can only reach the hair follicle on exterior but the drugs are deep in the hair. There are other advantages of hair drug test which leads to more use of this type of test.

Advantages of hair drug test

Hair drug test can detect the drug use of an individual for the past one year. It can further show the consumption of one month by the abuser. Therefore, if you want to know the complete background of abuser’s addiction, hair drug test is the solution.
The accuracy of hair test has impressed everyone and this is the main reason behind its increasing use. You can try hair bleach, hair dye or any shampoo and conditioner but nothing can tamper the result of test. Many recruitment agencies take hair test to be sure about the purity of new employee.
The accuracy can be justified by the fact it can catch even those individuals who have not consumed drugs but have been present in the location where others have taken drugs. Scientist use EtG hair test to even know the amount of drug consumed by an individual.
The test can be done easily. You just need a sample of abuser’s hair to carry the test. The sample is taken in the laboratory where the whole process is continued and you get 99.9% accurate result.
Like hair drug test, urine test is also significant and most widely used method due to some outstanding advantages linked with it.

Advantages of Urine drug test

Urine drug test is the oldest and inexpensive method among all tests. The test can be carried anywhere be it your home or laboratory, you just need a washroom to collect sample. Turnaround time is also fast. The results are available within 24 hours; therefore due to easy accessibility of laboratories all over the country, this test is accepted by all.
The accuracy of this test is believed by many and after hair drug test; this test is accepted by most organizations. Urine test can reveal drug consumption within ten days and can also tell the use of alcohol if taken by abuser.
One thing which tester has to make sure before conducting urine test is the abuser does not cheat in urine sample. Many abusers replace their urine samples to pass the test, therefore if this thing is cleared there is no issue in observing urine drug testing method.