Drug abuse has become an exasperating problem of our society. It has engaged teenagers along with adults in its vicious circle. Society works hard by introducing awareness programs and rehabilitation center to control drug addiction but it is also necessary to understand the reason behind the start of addiction. Parents should understand the problems or reason behind the indulgence of their children in drug abuse in order to eradicate this problem.

Why teenagers indulge in drug abuse

Teenagers are the future of our society and it is very necessary to give them proper training to be successful individuals. Alongside, it is also necessary to keep them away from drug menace.
The easy availability of drugs is one of the main reasons behind teenage drug abuse. In previous time, drugs were bought by contacting special people and on specific locations. As for now, drugs are available in every club in society which encourages kids to try it.
Moreover there is a huge variety of drugs available in the market to choose from. Teenagers can try any drug that suits their taste and after few doses, they become habitual to use it.
Technology is also partially responsible for this abuse. Nowadays you can see celebrities who are taking drugs are shown successful and happy in their life. Teenage is a vulnerable period and teenagers are impressed by the attitude that trying bad thing is cool. Therefore, they follow their ideals by consuming drugs like them.
Lack of knowledge is also a reason for drug abuse. Teenagers get the image from their company that drug is cool and its consumption is necessary for success. Therefore it is the responsibility of every parent to tell their kids about the harmful effects of drug and how it ruins life.
Teenage is a difficult phase in which the bodies are trying to be physically mature. Many hormonal changes takes place which leads to mood swings and stressful periods. In such times, teenagers find drug abuse an easy way to take refuge from all such stress as drugs give comfort to the abuser in the beginning.
Teenagers want action, thrill and fun in their life. They try all those acts which create thrill and fun. Sadly many consider drug abuse a fun element and indulge themselves in its addiction.

Role of family in pushing teenagers towards addiction

Mostly teenagers who have disturbed family life are prone towards drugs. They try to fill the gap in their life by addiction. Therefore in such cases, parents are responsible to encourage their child towards the dangerous addiction.
Teenagers demand proper attention by their parents. At this stage, if parents ignore their kids and let them free on their own, chances are high of joining bad company of friends or gangs which are indulged in such dangerous activities.
Many teenagers who are indulged in drug abuse are those who have a family background of drug addiction. In such cases, teenagers don’t find any harm in its consumption as they see their adults indulged in it.
Life is very precious and it is our duty to take care of it. Therefore if you have a teenager who is getting involved in such habit, eradicate the illness at its earliest.